1st tournament "NRG gathers friends", 2006

20 May 2006

The 20-th of May 2006 was a significant day in the life of Kyiv amateur women football life. NRG organized its first football tournament inviting teams from Kyiv, Moscow and L'viv.

It should be noted that recently the sport life of our community has considerably livened up: Ukrainian teams take part in international sport events, soccer games are conducted on the regular basis, in April was organized a table tennis tournament, and the forthcoming bicycle run is not far off. But an event of such calibre has never been conducted in Kyiv before.

This event gathered not only soccer teams, but also a great amount of football fans. To everybody's surprise, none of the previous events, whether it was a night club party or a celebrity singer concert, could attract so many women of different age and interests before. I will dare to assume that the majority of the girls were attracted not so much by the opportunity to have some fun, to see old fellows and get acquainted with the new ones, but by the game itself. It is really nice to know that the number of girls not indifferent to sports is going up every year. For it is sport, no matter soccer, tennis or billiards, that can become the uniting factor for quite an uncoordinated Ukrainian LGBT community.

On the stadium reigned the atmosphere of a general friendship, joy and excitement. The first game was played between the NRG team and the team from Moscow "Sporttema". This match aroused the most interest. The Kyivan audience reacted with great vivacity to all critical moments of the game and burst with applause every time a goal was scored to Moscow team. Alas, the Russian guests could not bring their supporters, who could shout down the Kyivan funs. Our girls went the whole hog supporting the NRG team: posters, whistles, cheering shouts accompanied the whole game. Not less active were the supporters of the Women's Network team and the team from L'viv.

The result of the tournament - the draw- aroused heated disputes. But omitting the philosophical discussions whether is was a victory or a defeat I want to say one thing: it is wonderful that this tournament was held. It is wonderful that we could enjoy the game of the teams, excitedly support our players, spend great time with our friends, strike up new acquaintances, enjoy the sunny day, and understand that we all are one team! Even though we are all different - we live in different countries, we are of different age, education and world outlook - we have very important things in common - respect, mutual understanding, and of course friendship.

The game is worth it!