About us

Who we are

NRG Women's Sports Club was founded in Kiev in December 2005. The Board of the club is composed of 9 members who are not only interested in spending time together, but whose common goals are to unite and develop the community through culture and sport, to fight for human rights and elimination of discrimination against women in the society, to promote healthy lifestyle and to organize leisure time for all interested people.
NRG is represented by a large number of professional and amateur athletes, a theatrical group, by participants of social events, and simply active girls who help us in our activities.
Our aim is establishment of a powerful public organization in Ukraine to organize sporting and cultural events in our country and actively participate in various activities of other countries.

What we have achieved

Since the foundation of the club we have set up a football, volleyball and basketball teams with constant trainings held by professional coaches. The club also includes athletes who prefer single sports such as badminton, table tennis, swimming, cycling and others.
Our activities apart from sports include a theatrical production of "The Vagina Monologues" by Eve Ensler, entertaining games with children from an orphan home, participation in an anti-AIDS exhibition.
We travelled to Moscow, Kharkiv and Lviv to play friendly matches with their local teams. We participated in the annual futsal tournaments among amateur women's teams held in Chisinau, Lutsk and St. Petersburg. Since 2007 our sportswomen take part in the large LGBT X-MAS Tournament held in Frankfurt-am-Main every year.  In 2009 we participated in the badminton tournament in Berlin organized by Vorspiel.

NRG is a member of EGLSF and GLISA.

What we want to do

We are interested in development of different sporting, cultural and entertaining activities and are open to new ideas. Our plans include, but are not limited to: organization of regular sport trainings, setting up new sport sections, holding various sporting and entertainment activities.

How we see ourselves in 5 years

We want NRG to be well known in Ukraine and abroad thanks to our dynamic sporting, cultural, educational and social activities.
We plan to organize a number of tournaments for a variety of sports. We want our athletes to participate in the international sport events and to win lots of prizes.
We want to see the girls interested in sports or simply wishing to participate in our activities as members of our club. NRG club warmly welcomes all people irrespective of their nationality or race, religion, physical health, social status, or sexual orientation.

How to find us

For all inquiries regarding the venue of games and trainings, organization of meetings with our teams and participation in our other events please contact us by e-mail info@nrg.in.ua

Find more about our plans, past events and news on our web-site!